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Majedie Investments PLC seeks to deliver long-term capital growth at an attractive rate above inflation, while preserving shareholders’ capital.

Our portfolio is managed by Marylebone Partners LLP, an independent FCA regulated manager based in London and founded in 2013. Marylebone Partners' liquid-endowment approach targets strong and differentiated returns with equities at its heart.

Marylebone Partners’ defining feature is its ability to find eclectic, bottom-up opportunities, sourced through an ideas network built over more than three decades at leading firms. These investments rarely come onto the radar screen of other allocators and / or are not sufficiently scalable to be considered by some large institutional firms. Hence, the overlap between the Majedie portfolio and those of its peers should be low. An investment in Majedie Investments PLC can therefore complement other holdings in a long-term programme.

The approach is focused on the three main investment strategies: hard-to-access special investments, allocations to specialist external funds, and direct investments in public equities.


Majedie Investments PLC has a long and distinguished history, with its origins in family-owned rubber estates in Malaysia. One of the estates under its ownership was named Majedie. Over time, the business evolved to focus on financial investments, leading to its establishment as an investment company. On 1st October 1985, the company obtained investment trust status.

Whereas the investment approach has developed since 1910 to reflect a changing world and to pursue new opportunities, the core tenets of Majedie Investments PLC are the same. Now, as then, we seek to grow and preserve generational wealth through a progressive and responsible investment approach, whilst always putting shareholders’ interests first.


On 25th January 2023 Marylebone Partners LLP is appointed as investment manager to the Company.


On 1st April 2022 Liontrust acquires MAM.


On 7th December Liontrust Asset Management PLC announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire MAM.


On 6th December, the Company redeemed the entire outstanding amount of its £13.5m 9.50% March 2020 debenture.


The Company becomes an FCA authorised & regulated self-managed AIFM, with Majedie Asset Management as its investment manager. (Majedie ceased to be FCA regulated with effect from 29 September 2023.)


Majedie Asset Management Limited launched as a specialist fund management company.


£25m raised through launch of 7.25% debenture 2025.


£15m raised through launch of 9.5% debenture 2020.


Investment trust status obtained.


Majedie (Johore) Rubber Estates Limited incorporated.

Board of directors

Christopher D Getley

Mr Getley was appointed as a Non Executive Director of Majedie on 1 July 2020 and became Chairman of the Board on 19 January 2022. He has over 25 years’ experience at senior level in financial services, specifically in fund management and investment banking. He was a Partner and Fund Manager at Cazenove & Co and a Director at Deutsche Asset Management. Subsequently, he was CEO of Westhouse Securities, an institutional stockbroker. In his current roles of Executive Chairman of AgPlus Diagnostics Limited and Non-Executive Chairman of Masawara PLC, he utilises his comprehensive knowledge of developing, implementing and communicating strategy. Mr Getley is Chairman of the Nomination and Management Engagement Committees and a member of the Remuneration and Audit Committees.

J William M Barlow

Mr Barlow was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Majedie from 1 April 2014 to 31 October 2023, before which he was a member and Chief Operating Officer at Javelin Capital LLP. Prior to Javelin Capital LLP, he was at Newedge Group (part of the Societe Generale Group). He joined Skandia Asset Management Limited as an equity portfolio manager in 1991 and was Managing Director of DnB Asset Management (UK) Limited in 2002. Mr Barlow was appointed a Non-Executive Director of the Company in July 1999 and was made an executive director in June 2011. He is Chairman of Racing Welfare and Chairman of Strategic Equity Capital PLC.

Jane M Lewis

Ms Lewis was appointed as a Non Executive Director of Majedie on 1 January 2019. She was, until 2013, a director of corporate finance and broking at Winterflood Investment Trusts. She is Chairman of Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC and Non Executive Director of CT UK Capital and Income Investment Trust PLC, JPMorgan Global Growth & Income PLC and BlackRock World Mining Trust PLC. Ms Lewis is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Management Engagement, Nomination and Audit Committees.

A Mark J Little

Mr Little was appointed as a Non Executive Director of Majedie on 23 May 2019. He has an extensive knowledge of the investment industry, having previously served as the Managing Director of Barclays Wealth Scotland and Northern Ireland. Prior to this role he was Global Head of Automotive Research at Deutsche Bank having previously qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse. He is currently a Non Executive Director of Securities Trust of Scotland and Blackrock Smaller Companies Trust Plc, where he chairs the audit committees, and abrdn Equity Income Trust PLC. He also acts as a consultant to Lindsays LLP and North Capital Wealth Management. Mr Little is Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Remuneration, Management Engagement and Nomination Committees.

Richard W Killingbeck

Mr Killingbeck was appointed as a Non Executive Director of Majedie on 1 July 2020. He has over 35 years’ experience in the financial services sector, initially as a fund manager and latterly in a number of senior management roles within the wealth management sector. He was previously Chief Executive officer of WH Ireland PLC and is currently Managing Director of Harris Allday, a division of EFG Private Bank. He retired as the Non-Executive Chairman of Bankers Investment Trust PLC in 2019 and is currently a trustee of the London Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund. Mr Killingbeck is a member of the Remuneration, Audit, Management Engagement and Nomination Committees.

Marylebone Partners LLP

In January 2023, the Company appointed Marylebone Partners LLP as its investment manager and moved to a ‘liquid endowment’ investment policy.

Marylebone Partners LLP is an independently owned FCA-regulated AIFM, founded in 2013 and owned by its principals. Its sole purpose is to preserve and grow the wealth of its clients. The firm manages the wealth of endowments, families, charities and individuals, including many successful investment professionals. Its team has decades of experience and has previously managed capital successfully within the investment company structure. For more information on Marylebone Partners’ team, philosophy and approach, please click here: www.marylebonepartners.com.

Majedie Investments PLC became a partner of Marylebone Partners LLP on 25 January 2023, entitling it to a 7.5% share of residual profits and capital, at no cost.

Corporate Governance

The directors are mindful of the importance of corporate governance matters. The following statement sets out in detail how the Company addresses the requirements of the AIC and UK Corporate Governance Code.

Corporate Governance Information

The four Board Committees form an important part of the Company’s corporate governance structure. The relevant terms of reference for each committee are provided below, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the Chairman and Senior Independent Director:

Roles and Responsibilities of the Chairman and Senior Independent Director

Audit Committee

Remuneration Committee

Nomination Committee

Management Engagement Committee

​Each year the annual report contains information on Corporate Governance which deals with issues similar to those covered in the above Corporate Governance Statement, including details of any specific issues relevant to the year in question.

Directors’ Remuneration Policy:
In accordance with the requirements of Schedule 8 of the Large and Medium Sized Companies and Groups (Accounts and Reports) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, as amended, the Company’s approved directors’ remuneration policy is shown below. This was approved by shareholders at the Company’s Annual General Meeting on 17January 2024 and it is proposed it will remain in force until the Annual General Meeting in 2027 at which time a further resolution will be proposed. Any changes prior to that date are required to be approved by shareholders by ordinary resolution.

Directors’ Remuneration Policy​

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