ISIN: GB0005555221
p at 00:00am
Latest published NAV with debt at fair value
as of 19 May 2023
Latest published discount to NAV at fair value
as of 19 May 2023

Key Facts

as at 30 April 2023
£150.0 million
Market Capitalisation
£117.7 million
Historic Dividend Yield
Net Assets (Debt at fair value)
£128.9 Million

Objective & Policy

Majedie Investments PLC is an investment trust whose purpose is to provide its shareholders with long-term capital appreciation whilst paying a regular dividend.

Since its inception in 1985, the Company has sought to achieve this objective by investing for the long-term, with equities at the heart of the approach.

In January 2023, the Company modified its investment policy and appointed Marylebone Partners LLP as its investment manager.

Investment Objective

The Company's investment objective is to deliver long-term capital growth whilst preserving shareholders’ capital and paying a regular dividend. The performance target is to achieve net annualised total returns (in GBP) of at least 4 per cent. above the UK CPI, over rolling five-year periods.

Investment Approach

Marylebone Partners takes a fundamental, long-term approach to global investing, accessing distinctive return sources through a proprietary ideas network built over several decades.

The Majedie Investments PLC portfolio features a combination of hard-to-access special investments, allocations to funds managed by boutique third-party managers, and direct investments in public equities.

Special Investments

Eclectic opportunities sourced through Marylebone's ideas network, which include co-investments, special purpose vehicles, and thematic funds. Special Investments have a high expected return and should come to fruition within no more than 36 months.

External Managers

Allocations to funds managed by exceptional specialist investors. Each pursues a fundamental approach and has a distinctive style, or expertise in a geographic region or industry sector.

Direct Investments

Targeted investments in the public equities of value-creating companies, with robust growth prospects and good levels of business profitability.


The Company believes that a responsible investing mindset is entirely consistent with strong performance outcomes. Marylebone Partners incorporates Environmental, Social and Governance aspects into its investment approach. Further information on the ESG approach taken by Marylebone is available here.

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Fraud Warning

Majedie Investments PLC does not offer any investment products or services to the public, but rather manages its investments on behalf of its shareholders. If you receive any communication containing investment offers by Majedie Investments PLC please be notified that it is a scam and you should report the matter to the relevant authorities. Additionally, the FCA also maintains a warning list, which although not definitive, allows you to check whether an investment or pension opportunity is a scam. To check this list please click.